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This is ingame editor screenshot
top-left is a bar that contains various buttons.
middle-left is the tileset scroll area to select and alter a tile's texture, it's a 512x512(contains 256 32x32 tile textures) made in gimp by me in a few minutes..It by no means reflects the looking of 32bit graphics..
bottom-left is the add-object button to add a test ship object to game to test save

This one is a mercator projection of world map based on the world map mercator projection on wikipedia.org,
I modified it so the leftmost is Greenwich and about 1/2 of "Y axis" is equator,so I could easily get longtitude and latitude off tileX,tileY.
Furthermore, I converted it to magic color used internally to generate tile texture id, the blueish part will become water tiles in game, while the brownish part will become solid land tile in game,also I plan to add more magic colors for desert,snowy,forest or other type of tile.
I am also adding "Second Pass" to map generate from bitmap to choose proper tile texture for corner tile or tile that has adjacent water tile(s).
Once this is finished,making a 1024x1024 tiles map will be as easy as loading a bitmap and manually polish it a bit in in-game editor.

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