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Frequently asked questions:(not asked by anyone yet,my magick makes me foresee them)

1.What is this?
A:This is a remake of SNES(also on PC/Genesis) game Uncharted Waters New Horizons,codename 'Ocean Horizons'.

2.Under what License it will be released?
A:GPL V3 or later.

3.Programming language/libs?
A:C++(minimal uses of C++ features, using 'meta-programming' features like templates and excessive OOP won't benefit a small project in my opinion)
SDL(simplifies crossplatformness)
SDL_Image(any image format to SDL_Surface)
SDL_Mixer(haven't done anything with it yet)
SDL_net(haven't done anything with it yet)
OpenGL(32bit graphics is too demanding sad)
guichan(one of the best free GUI library designed for games)
GameMonkey(underrated lua-like stackless scripting language)

4.Why don't just mod UWNH?
A:It's not very moddable,plus reverse the data structures used by UWNH binary data files probably will take more time than writing something from scratch.

5.Maybe you better wait UWNH to be liberated or its source being released under open source license?
A:I don't think this will ever happen,
  UWNH is 10 years+ and it's recognized as 'abandonware' by various sites.
  But from wikipedia and other sources,I read/heard UWNH,UW3,UW4 were ported to portable gaming devices and cell phones,
  seems there are still merits in them,so I guess a source release will never happen,still,it's just my speculation.

6.Contact Info?
A:In case you really want to send me an email to ask more questions:
  pandamagick (at) gmail (dot) com

Disclaimer:this project/site is not affiliated with UWNH or its copyright owner Koei
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